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(Tip 1 of 8 )

Look for the following: there IS a Gantt chart, isn't there??

(Tip 2 of 8 )

Is the overall cost and timescale acceptable?

(Tip 3 of 8 )

Have they remembered all the tasks?

(Tip 4 of 8 )

Have they looked at previous similar projects?

(Tip 5 of 8 )

Have they got enough granularity? .

(Tip 6 of 8 )

Is there any/enough contingency?

(Tip 7 of 8 )

What are the main risks, what do they plan to do about those, and what's the level of exposure after their mitigation plans

(Tip 8 of 8 )

Do they know what is the key driver? Which one of cost, quality and time is the one that HAS to be achieved (I know we WANT them all, but usually there is just one that HAS to be done).

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