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Take A Disciplinary Meeting

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Check with HR first, always, before you do anything!

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Remain calm and detached about the whole thing (though quietly determined). Getting angry will mean that you make mistakes and don’t get the outcome you want.

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If necessary give them half an hour cooling-off time while you go to HR and plan the next move

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Keep records of every meeting, and also everything they do wrong, as and when they do it - have these ready at the meeting. Tribunals are obsessed with record keeping, (if the worst happens and it comes to one).

(Tip 5 of 9 )

The first question is to ask why they have done whatever it is that's the problem, because they might have a perfectly good reason for it, and you need to find this out! .

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There are 4 steps to dismissal: informal verbal, formal verbal, formal written, final written - make sure you do them all without missing any out (unless it's gross misconduct). Tribunals are very keen to see that the process has been followed.

(Tip 7 of 9 )

Prepare a letter to give them at the end, which states which stage they are at, the date, what the offence is, the improvement that is required, and what the next step will be if they don't improve.

(Tip 8 of 9 )

ARemember that there are lots of people out there who would love to have this job, and would probably do it really well. Also, they have chosen to get into this situation by their behaviour. Don't feel bad about pushing it through and maybe eventually getting rid of them.

(Tip 9 of 9 )

Remember that the rest of the team hate it when someone doesn't do their share, and it makes you look weak if you don't act. So, be strong! .

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