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Remember not to jump in with the first solution that springs to mind – think of several and then pick the best one

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 Ask yourself if the problem might actually be an opportunity - is it telling you something? Would some changes be a good idea?

(Tip 3 of 9)

Make sure you’ve identified the real root cause rather than just sticking a plaster over the symptoms.

(Tip 4 of 9)

Remember to involve other people wherever possible – you don’t have to do it all yourself

(Tip 5 of 9 )

If you are brainstorming with a group, don’t judge any of the ideas until  you have finished generating a great big list. If you start judging then the flow of ideas will dry up. Make sure everyone agrees this at the start.

(Tip 6 of 9 )

If you’re naturally an optimist, remember to think about what might go wrong with your possible solution.

(Tip 7 of 9 )

Consider only solving 80% of the problem. The Pareto Principle tells us that 20% of the effort will solve 80% of the problem, and it may not be worth putting in the other 80% required to get the last 20% done. For example, if you can target a few accounts and fix 80% of delivery lateness, that’s a great result.

(Tip 8 of 9 )

If the numbers point to one solution but your gut feel points to another, be very careful, since one of the two must be wrong. Think carefully about which one it is!

(Tip 9 of 9 )

If you’re really stuck, consider sleeping on it. Just before you go to sleep, ask yourself for an answer to be in your mind when you wake up.

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