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Sell To A Customer

(Tip 1 of 6)

Arrive early, and allow plenty of time so that even if the journey is much worse than usual you still won't be late

(Tip 2 of 6)

Talk to the receptionist if there is one - they may well be an influencer,  you may find things out, and you learn about the culture and get attuned to it

(Tip 3 of 6)

Imagine the interview going really well (so you have positive body language which starts everything off better)

(Tip 4 of 6)

Eat a mint and/or brush your teeth

(Tip 5 of 6)

Look for something good about the company, its buildings, its products, anything displayed in reception, so that you can comment on that if there is nothing better in the customer's office

(Tip 6 of 6)

Remind yourself that it's all about questions and listening, not talking.

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