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Sell To A Customer

(Tip 1 of 9)

Prepare your features and benefits, so that you pick out the benefits that they want and show how your features will give them those.

(Tip 2 of 9)

Prepare your opening questions that will find out the benefits that they want – what will you ask to get them talking?

(Tip 3 of 9)

What is your 'disturb list' of reasons why they might need what you are offering and the problems they might be likely to have if they don't buy it from you?

(Tip 4 of 9)

How will you handle any objections, especially the most common one: price? Have a list of the commonest ones, with your answers ready.

(Tip 5 of 9)

What close you will be using? Good sales people don't wing it!

(Tip 6 of 9)

Check for any previous interactions with this customer - have they had product or service from you before, have there been any problems, did  they say no to any previous proposals (don't offer the same thing again!)

(Tip 7 of 9)

Research the customer and their company - if you know more about them you look keener and are therefore more likely to give them good service if you get the order, and they will be looking for that

(Tip 8 of 9)

Wear something smart but also neutral - nothing they can object to

(Tip 9 of 9)

  See if there are any other customers nearby who you can visit afterwards while in the area

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