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Make A Difficult Decision

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Write down all the pros and cons, and consider giving them scores and adding them up

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Think about the possible risks of the various options

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Sometimes a cost-benefit analysis is a good option: will the action pay for itself?

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A mind map is a good way to organise a messy situation where there are lots of options

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You could also use a table with the options down the side and various factors across the top (cost, risk, effect on different stakeholders etc) .

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Try to combine a bit of scientific numbers and measurement with how you feel about it in your heart. ? .

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If the decision is very close between two options then it doesn’t matter which option you choose ? .

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Often the best solution is the one that is the simplest ? .

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Always consider the do-nothing option ? .

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Beware of the sunk cost fallacy – you should forget the time and money that has been spent in the past, and just focus on what’s the best for the future, starting from now. ? .

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OPeople always regret things they DIDN’T do, so if in doubt you should take the more exciting option. ? .

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Consider not making the decision right now. Maybe leave it for more information to come in, or sleep on it and see how you feel about it tomorrow. ? .

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