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Kick Off A Project

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Invite all stakeholders

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Bring options for them to choose between

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If time, ideally you'd bring at least one Gantt chart to show them what's possible / what isn't possible. This would be a start which they can criticise and improve until everyone can agree a plan. Don't be defensive about it!

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Ideally you would bring several plans for them to choose between, perhaps a cheap option, a high quality option, and one on the middle.

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Bring a list of grey areas which need nailing down, e.g. what is in or out of scope, how much freedom you have to make decisions, how much reporting and consultation they want, etc. .

(Tip 6 of 9 )

You don't have to commit at the meeting - it's ok to say you need to do some more planning before you can say what's possible

(Tip 7 of 9 )

Remember to be strong - if you agree to things that aren't possible, or are unlikely, at this meeting, it will lead to months of suffering for you, and a failure for them as well. So, be assertive, be strong!

(Tip 8 of 9 )

Remember that there are lots of people out there who would love to have this job, and would probably do it really well. Also, they have chosen to get into this situation by their behaviour. Don't feel bad about pushing it through and maybe eventually getting rid of them.

(Tip 9 of 9 )

Remember that the rest of the team hate it when someone doesn't do their share, and it makes you look weak if you don't act. So, be strong! .

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