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Interview Someone

(Tip 1 of 13)

Check Your CV one time. What did you write? What will they probably ask you about what you have written?

(Tip 2 of 13)

Prepare your strengths and how you will prove you have them - real evidence of recent successes.

(Tip 3 of 13)

Prepare a couple of @apparent weaknesses@ like "I sometimes work too hard" in case they ask the stupid question "What are your weaknesses"

(Tip 4 of 13)

Prepare a couple of spare time activities which show discipline, hard work, and that you are a team player.

(Tip 5 of 13)

Prepare a couple of questions for them, otherwise you look as if you don't really care about the job.

(Tip 6 of 13)

Reserch the company (and maybe even the interviewer if possible, you might know who it is going to be and they might be on the website as a Man Utd supporter or whatever) - if you know more about them you look keener and are therefore more likely to be a good performer for them, and they will be looking for that.

(Tip 7 of 13)

Wear something smart but also neutral - nothing they can object to. Girls: hair up, no toes visible in shoes, nothing too low cut or short or clingy. Guys: suit, but don't look like a footballer, sensible tie, no buckles or square ends on your shoes. Obviously piercings etc are out. Smart haircut.

(Tip 8 of 13)

Arrive early, and allow plenty of time so that even if the journey is much worse than usual you still won't be late.

(Tip 9 of 13)

Talk to the receptionist if there is one - they may well be an influencer, you may find things out, and you learn about the culture and get attuned to it.

(Tip 10 of 13)

Imagine the interview going really well (so you have positive body language which starts everything off better)

(Tip 11 of 13)

Eat a mint and / or brush your teeth.

(Tip 12 of 14)

Look for something good about the company, it's buldings, it's product, anything disp[layed in reception, so that you can comment on that if there is nothing better in the interviewer's office

(Tip 13 of 13)

Remind yourself that you are certainly good enough for the job - they are lucky to have a chance to get you. Be ready to be quietly confident, modest stong, and relaxed.

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