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Check for typos in your visual aids

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Check that the customer's name is correct

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 Check that your PowerPoint works OK on their computer - are the fonts OK, the screen size, etc

(Tip 4 of 14)

If necessary, (if you're doing a talk completely unprepared), quickly draw a mind map of your talk so you know the structure and running order of it

(Tip 5 of 14)

Think carefully about your first 30 seconds - how will you get their attention at the start, what's in it for them?

(Tip 6 of 14)

If necessary make a page of notes, just key bullets, written in marker pen so you can see them as they rest on a table or the floor nearby

(Tip 7 of 14)

Dress smart and relatively boring - nothing that anybody might dislike or find distracting

(Tip 8 of 14)

Pack spares of everything - spare marker pens, extra copies of handouts, spare memory stick, even a spare projector if you can (even if they are providing one, bring yours as well just in case!)

(Tip 9 of 14)

Be there REALLY early so there is no rush and any last minute problems can be easily sorted out

(Tip 10 of 14)

Chat to people before you start, to get yourself warmed up and in tune with their thought processes

(Tip 11 of 14)

Position a watch or clock somewhere easily that's easily visible during your talk

(Tip 12 of 14)

Visualise the talk going really well

(Tip 13 of 14)

Remember to be a little bit interactive with your audience - ask them things every now and then to keep them engaged

(Tip 14 of 14)

Remember to signpost your talk - "That was section 2 on market forces, and now on to section 3

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