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Do An Appraisal

(Tip 1 of 8 )

Clear your desk and make sure there will be no interruptions

(Tip 2 of 8 )

Prepare some good things about them, ideally some measurable facts

(Tip 3 of 8 )

What would you like them to stop, start, and continue doing?

(Tip 4 of 8 )

For any improvements you want them to make, get measurable proof that they need to improve

(Tip 5 of 8 )

Prepare some open questions to get them talking, including "How do you think it's been going?" "What's been good / not so successful?" and "What achievement goals / learning objectives do you want to have for the coming year?" .

(Tip 6 of 8 )

Prepare the blank form, if your organisation has one, so you make sure you cover everything you need to during the appraisal interview

(Tip 7 of 8 )

Wear something smart but also neutral - nothing they can object to. Girls: hair up, no toes visible in shoes, nothing too low cut or short or clingy. Guys: suit, but don’t look like a footballer, sensible tie, no buckles or square ends on your shoes. Obviously piercings etc are out. Smart haircut.

(Tip 8 of 8 )

Remember to ask them how you could be a better boss!

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