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Decide Which Task To Do Next

(Tip 1 of 8)

Assess both the urgency and the importance of the various tasks. Try to do some important tasks every day as well as the urgent ones.

(Tip 2 of 8)

If you are doing something important, don’t let urgent tasks drag you off that. Just make a list of them as they crop up, which you can come back to later. Pretty much everything can wait half an hour or an hour.

(Tip 3 of 8)

Put all of the tasks on a master list. Only if they are less than 2 minutes should you do them straight away, otherwise just put them all on the list.

(Tip 4 of 8)

‘Important’ means that it moves you towards your goals. Nothing else is important. Realise that most of life is filled with the small stuff. Once you realise that most things aren’t important it’s then much easier to focus and spend time on the important things.

(Tip 5 of 8 )

Ask yourself which of them could be delegated and get rid of as many of those to other people as you can (agree a completion date and put this date in your diary for follow up).

(Tip 6 of 8 )

Consider going back and saying no to some of the people who have given you the tasks.

(Tip 7 of 8 )

Don’t let procrastination affect the choice of tasks – putting a task off because it is big or unpleasant or scary is a crime!

(Tip 8 of 8)

Make a list of the tasks you plan to do today – this will focus you on getting them done and you’ll have a much more satisfying day.

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