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Coach Someone

(Tip 1 of 6 )

Plan some good opening questions

  • a. What are you not good at?
  • b. What does your boss want you to do differently?
  • c. What do you want your boss to do differently
  • d. How are you currently tackling the problems that you mention?
  • e. What options do you have?
  • f. What are you putting off / avoiding?
  • g. What facts and evidence do you have for your opinions about situations and people?
  • h. Can we tackle the top 20% of the problem, which is causing you 80% of the pain?
  • i. What’s your longer term plan?

(Tip 2 of 6)

For the first meeting, have in in their office so you can look at their working area and see how many interruptions they get. Let them be interrupted so you can observe their behaviours.

(Tip 3 of 6)

Find somewhere quiet to talk and think together

(Tip 4 of 6)

Make sure you’ve got a pen and paper

(Tip 5 of 6 )

Bring a page for notes: what was discussed, what actions have they agreed to, when will you meet next?

(Tip 6 of 6 )

 Allow longer than you expect – the session might be getting really useful and you don’t want to have to cut it short because of another appointment just after

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