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Chair A Meeting

(Tip 1 of 10)

Plan what you’ll do about latecomers, e.g. close or lock the door, remove any spare chairs, make sure all the biscuits are gone before the meeting starts, etc

(Tip 2 of 10)

Bring a sign for the door saying “Please do not disturb, meeting in progress.

(Tip 3 of 10)

 Consider bringing biscuits (but only for the people who are on time – the biscuits disappear once the meeting starts).

(Tip 4 of 10)

Assign roles – minute taker, time keeper, process monitor who will review it at the end (or half way through??)

(Tip 5 of 10)

Make sure you are there nice and early to get the room the way you want it, and so that you certainly won’t be late

(Tip 6 of 10 )

Do you have an agenda? If not you can quickly sketch one out, listing the main points that the meeting will cover.

(Tip 7 of 10 )

Find the previous minutes, which would ideally be a list of the actions given to each person last time. Each action should be allocated to just one person.

(Tip 8 of 10)

Consider reminding any regular latecomers about the meeting and the start time.

(Tip 9 of 10)

Consider setting up a visual aid like a flipchart or a projector with a mind-map on it ready for the meeting, so that everyone can have something to focus on

(Tip 10 of 10)

  Consider bringing a laptop so that you can make a note of actions agreed as you go along, and then send them out as soon as the meeting finishes. This list could be projected up during the meeting.

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