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(Tip 1 of 8)

Gather all the numbers you can – opinions are all very well but facts are what bosses want to start with.

(Tip 2 of 8)

Produce a one page summary of the situation. This helps you get it clear in your head, and also you can leave it with the boss after the meeting.

(Tip 3 of 8)

Any problems: admit them and then suggest options for solving them, with one recommended choice.

(Tip 4 of 8)

Don’t be tempted to just email the news to the boss. Face to face is better, both for good news (you want to be seen with that) and bad news (you need to explain it properly).

(Tip 5 of 8 )

Think about when is the best time to talk with the boss. Personally I don’t recommend giving ME bad or complicated news before about 11 in the morning!

(Tip 6 of 8 )

Don’t waffle, or apologise, just tell them what’s happened so far and what is going to happen next.

(Tip 7 of 8 )

If you want them to solve problems or make decisions, make it easy for  them – give them a suggested solution all fully worked out, that they just have to approve.

(Tip 8 of 8 )

Remember that bosses vary – some want lots of detail while some want a short report of the key facts.

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