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Ask yourself “Is the person both able to do it and motivated to do it?”. If not, don’t delegate it to them.

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Conversely, they don’t have to be 100% competent, in fact other people very rarely are (in our own opinions!). If they are 80% competent then they are able to do it, and it’s good that they’ll probably learn the final 20% while doing it.

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Think about whether they are the right person to do it. Often we give jobs to the person who can do it most easily rather than someone who will find it a challenge and learn from it, and get a sense of achievement from doing it.

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Decide what sort of reporting you want – how often, and whether to ask them only to tell you if they are stuck, to show you a plan before they start, to report regularly, or just tell you after each bit is completed.

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Think about how you will explain the value of the task, and why they are the best person for it, to them.

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 Consider delegating just part of it if you think they may not be able to do the whole thing.

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Remember that you must not tell them HOW to do it, even if you know. Let them do it their own way, and just tell them what result you want, not how to get there.

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Remember to check that they have understood what you want and that they do know how to do it, and that they are going to do it. A good way is to ask them about the first step, or what their plan will be.

(Tip 9 of 9 )

Remember to be supportive – tell them that they can come to you and ask for help whenever they need to.

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