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Attend A Networking Meeting

(Tip 1 of 9 )

Dress for success – smart suit etc.

(Tip 2 of 9)

Possibly wear something memorable, but only if it is professional and successful-looking as well.

(Tip 3 of 9)

Plan to get there early so you can talk to each person as they arrive. Get maximum value.

(Tip 4 of 9)

Eat beforehand so you don’t waste time eating, and have to juggle a plate, and get food on your face, or hand for when you shake hands.

(Tip 5 of 9 )

Pack plenty of business cards, and a pen so you can make a note of key points on the back of each person’s card.

(Tip 6 of 9 )

 Prepare your elevator pitch – a great (and short) answer to “…And what do you do?”

(Tip 7 of 9 )

 Plan an approach line so that you can get into conversations with people – for example “Hi, my name’s X, I don’t think we’ve met?” or  something relevant to the event, for example “So, are you a solicitor or a tax expert?” or “So, what did you make of the speaker’s unusual approach to bonus payments?”

(Tip 8 of 9 )

 Check social media (Linked In, Facebook, Twitter etc) to see who else is  going, so that you are ready for them (and won’t fail to recognise them!)

(Tip 9 of 9 )

 Tell social media that you are going – Like or Share the event, so that  the organisers are pleased with you, and everyone can see that you are a mover and shaker.

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